javaproperties-cli — Command-line manipulation of Java .properties files

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javaproperties-cli is a wrapper around the javaproperties package (from which it was split off) that provides programs for basic command-line manipulation of Java .properties files, including getting, setting, & deleting values and converting to & from JSON.

Currently, the programs only support .properties files in the simple line-oriented format, not the XML variant.


javaproperties-cli requires Python 3.6 or higher. Just use pip for Python 3 (You have pip, right?) to install javaproperties-cli and its dependencies:

python3 -m pip install javaproperties-cli


javaproperties get    <file> <key> ...

Output the values of the given keys in the given .properties file

javaproperties select <file> <key> ...

Output the key-value pairs for the given keys in the given .properties file

javaproperties set    <file> <key> <value>

Set <key> in <file> to <value> and output the result

javaproperties delete <file> <key> ...

Output the given .properties file with the given keys deleted

javaproperties format [<file>]

Reformat the given .properties file, removing comments & extraneous whitespace and putting keys in sorted order

json2properties [<infile> [<outfile>]]

Convert a JSON object to a .properties file

properties2json [<infile> [<outfile>]]

Convert a .properties file to a JSON object

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